Sunday, 30 August 2015

All Gumroads Lead to Glory

Hey all! 
Hope you guys are doing well out there,
I've got some exciting news about something I'm testing out.

I've decided to offer prints of my pieces... but, get this...
You can pay EXACTLY what YOU want for them.
There's a shipping cost, and a suggested price, but you're welcome to purchase them for less, or more!

Kamat Kicks up a Fuss (A3 Giclée) 
Set Your Own Price

They are still physical, hold in your hands, stick them in a frame and put them up on your wall type prints. 

I just wanted to enable more people to own my work if they want to!

So hop along and have a look will ya?

Also, if you want to hear about when I release new products, 
you can get notified by popping your email in the link below.

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