Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Kinsale Conkers - Bespoke Botanical Jewellery for Natural Elegance

Blimey what a whirlwind of a journey!
My new venture, Kinsale Conkers has finally opened up shop on etsy!

Its been a exhilarating ride since mid October,
Having conceived the idea whilst walking to work one morning and picking up a couple of beautiful little conkers and deciding to turn them into a pendant to wear.

Then creating the logo and branding and feel of what my new venture would be!
Within a short space of time, this emerged! 
One day of thought & percolation, then 1 day of creation!

The next day I created Kinsale Conkers' Website (In 1 morning! with tweaks over the next few days)

Then I had to design & make everything, photograph it and put all of the photographs into my website, social media outlets and get posting about all the beautiful things I was creating!




Photographing was a long process, several photo shoot sessions later, using only my old samsung camera phone. I had a stamp created of my logo by
and printed up my own labels and my own jewellery boxes. Man how I love how it all looks! I'm so in love with how this has all come together in such a short period of time!

I started making jewellery from things other than conkers, beech seed pods and acorns too!

We even managed to get a sneaky photo of me wearing one of my favorite pendants, which has now permanently become attached to me.

The conkers themselves were dried out on a gorgeous sunny day in October (I know, what?! In Ireland of all places!) Then dried by the wood fire on a chilly evening.

Drying preserves the conkers so that they won't deteriorate, and stay nice and snug in their little nutshells. I've also been experimenting using beeswax for that little bit of extra protection from the elements.

I'm currently wearing a conker on the end of my sneaky dreadlock, and testing out how it fares with being taken into the shower daily.

Our guardian of the conkers- Nooshie- claims that all of this was originally her idea... if ONLY she had opposable thumbs, she'd show me a thing or two.

So finally a week ago, I launched the etsy shop!
Within 30mins, we had sold 8 pieces! 
They're going super well, and I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I enjoyed making them.
They make great presents to yourself or a beloved. I'm having a hard time parting with any of them! I swear I have to make everything twice so that they can actually be released into the world without me getting PCST (Post Creation Separation Trauma)!

Kinsale Conkers was also featured on Cork's Insert Title magazine! 

I'm so glad I walked by that conker tree in the very beginning, so grateful that it has come this far and evolved into such a beautiful thing.

I hope that you continue to enjoy the journey with me, and I look forward to creating more natural jewellery! 

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