Monday, 3 February 2014

Satsuma, Flint Axe & Little Book of Tea

Meet Satsuma. He likes tea, and eating dates.

He's ready for his coat of colour now. I'm thinking all sepia tones or a muted palette though.

I am also currently making a flint axe, learning how to knap flint, and carve an axe handle and put it all together, just by trial and error really. The wood is a branch from an ash tree that was struck by lightning in a very special valley in Wales :)

I have also started to illustrate my 'little book of tea' that I made years ago but was too scared to draw in. So I drew some end pages, and now I just have to fill it with wonderful tea based illustrations and information :)

My body was feeling sorry for itself, so I purchased a few things to liven it up. Hair treatments, and moisturizing things were the call of the day.

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