Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Satsuma and his First Coat

 Laying in some tone for Satsuma's debut :)

Messin' Around

Time for a little bit of fun to lighten up what has been a rather emotional and confusing week!
Had a beautiful Valentines evening, got caught out in the storm when the car broke down, we had to wait until 3am for the road rescue man to come! Nearly ran over an owl on the road (thankfully it flew off just in time). We went to see the waves, and the beautiful full moon in Leo, shining VERY brightly down on us, as we tried to stand up in the face of the wind. Cleared out the cobwebs certainly. 

I was messing around with some of my crystals and realised one looked like a big nose-

And I carved a buddha hand from the end of a piece of wood that I collected from a valley in Wales. An ash tree struck by lightning, the same piece that I'm using for the axe handle, a bit I was going to lop off but then decided it bore an uncanny resemblance to a hand.

The tip of the middle finger missing, as nature dictated. Gives it charm.

I also framed up a key of awakening print as a housewarming gift- looks quite nice framed!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Ol' Sketcharoo

I've been trying to get back into being able to draw faces well again. I mean, there are myriad ways you can draw a face well, but I err on the 'realistic' side, because I tend to really suck when I don't stick to realism (when it is people's faces anyway).

So, here are some recent sketches of faces :)

A boy from the Kayapo tribe of Brazil, drawn from a photo by Martin Schoeller


And some Dragunz just because. They're pretty bad at spelling, these folk.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Satsuma, Flint Axe & Little Book of Tea

Meet Satsuma. He likes tea, and eating dates.

He's ready for his coat of colour now. I'm thinking all sepia tones or a muted palette though.

I am also currently making a flint axe, learning how to knap flint, and carve an axe handle and put it all together, just by trial and error really. The wood is a branch from an ash tree that was struck by lightning in a very special valley in Wales :)

I have also started to illustrate my 'little book of tea' that I made years ago but was too scared to draw in. So I drew some end pages, and now I just have to fill it with wonderful tea based illustrations and information :)

My body was feeling sorry for itself, so I purchased a few things to liven it up. Hair treatments, and moisturizing things were the call of the day.