Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Panomania, Tiny Teapot & A Conglomeration of Drawings

Where to start? 
Ok, here's a crazy panorama of my room, there are a lot of double images going on within it, but you get the gist! Its a little Aladdin's cave that I sneak off to and sit in every night. 
It is multi-functional as a studio/ music jam space/ tea room/ reading room and small nest. Yoga has been attempted in it, but is not the most pleasant experience.

I recently went back to Falmouth to see a bunch of wonderful people and had a beautiful time reminiscing and eating. Those two things go well together.
I also picked up my christmas present from my mother, from my fantastic friends, David & Kathy of The Essence of Tea, a beautiful little Bian Gu style Yixing teapot made by an apprentice of Master potter Chen Ju Fang. Read a bit more about these wonderful teapots here-

Poor sad frog! Looking on and longing for tea

Ahh, such lovingly crafted pots just make tea brewing such a wonderful experience.

So, on to drawings! A little selection from my sketchbook of late, more to come soon.

A Wood Wyrm! 

A good friend alerted me to something that seemed like a good idea to me- getting to know, like and accept yourself without makeup, by taking selfies (we all know how much I love to take them, so lets just have it all out in the open eh?) Yes I love myself, good job too! So here's my un-bedecked face, sans makeup, sans trying to get that perfect angle so that your chin looks just right and less like a quadruple chin.

So, here's to a new paradigm of self love and acceptance for a whole load of awesome people, 2014 is going to knock the stuffing out of all of those stupid companies that constantly tell us that we're not enough just as we are.