Sunday, 30 June 2013

Yoga Loft Coffee/Beverage Morning

I'm setting up a coffee/beverage morning for all the yogis and yoginis at the Yoga Loft every Saturday at 10.30am. Don't you just hate it when these things are always labelled under coffee? I don't drink coffee... and I know its a tiny detail, but it does irk me somewhat. It makes the assumption that if I go, I am a coffee drinker by default, and could also be exclusionary of people who don't drink coffee. Anyway, I digress. Here's the poster. The Yoga Loft text is hand rendered, whilst the rest is manipulated typography. The Rockets & Rascals logo is their own logo and not my design work. Thats the local coffee/bike shop that we will be meeting at. Rather lovely place!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Now & Then

I've been mulling over starting up this project for some time now, and I finally plucked up the courage to put it out there.
Its called 'Now & Then' and submissions are open!
We're taking an old childhood drawing of ours (no older than age 8 please!) and re-creating it in our current styles. You could be a graphic designer, illustrator, fine artist, photographer, theater student... whatever your medium is, if you want to join in, then you can. Get creative! And most importantly, have fun!
Who knows... if we get enough entries I may start a kickstarter fundraising project in order to create a printed book of all the entries! So far we have some famous illustrators joining us too, the likes of Viviane Schwarz, Mark Foreman and a host of others!

My chosen drawing, age 5 and 3/4

Please submit your entry to the blog, or email it to me at
Please include the old drawing and the new version, side by side and include your name, a link to your website or blog, and what age you were when you did both images.

and keep in touch via the facebook group

I look forward to seeing your work!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Dragons & Capybara

Finally some new work of my own.
I recently had a long 8 hour train journey x2 going up to Newcastle and back, and I managed to do a bit of drawing. There's another piece which isn't finished yet, but was significantly added to during the journey.

A charming wood/moss dragon

I'll soon be zipping off to Scotland on the permaculture course that everyone so kindly donated to. I hope to do some sketching of some characters and things for the book that I hope to produce about permaculture whilst I'm out there, or shortly after. Then I'm off to Wales to help paint a pagoda, producing a mural of some Tibetan Dakinis. Should be fun! 

I will be back in Mid August, so if anyone would  like to commission me then, that would be the best time to inquire!

All the best,

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Graduate Shows

Well well, that was a long pause in blogging.
I've been relatively busy, getting ready for my summer courses, and visiting family in Newcastle, also visiting Falmouth to see friends and this year's graduate shows. What a talented bunch! 

Here are a few of my favorite illustrators this year (in no particular order)
Click on their names to go to their websites.

All in all an absolutely fantastic show, and if you're around you can catch all of these fantastic people at New Designers this year, and maybe even some at D&AD New Blood in London. Hop to it!