Friday, 27 December 2013

Guitar Strap Esta Terminado!

I finished hand weaving my guitar strap, with nothing but my fingers! No loom, just a stick, which you hang from a height, or in my case, another stick which you jam under the base of your bed. 

It is using the design of the arrowhead sash that the people of Assumption in Canada used to make. 
Being part Canadian, and working at a Canadian muffin company, I felt it was a good choice.

The big ones that the women used to make for the men to portage equipment and trade goods with, used to take over 600 hours to make.
I lost count on how many hours this took me, but I doubt it was that long. Thankfully mine is thinner and shorter than the traditional belts.

Now just to get the guitar to go with it!

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