Sunday, 24 November 2013

Weaver Bird

I'm continuing to weave away in any spare time I have (which isn't much right now!)
I'm busy finishing up the presents for my permaculture course supporters, finally! 

Here is the progress and my interesting weaving set up comprising of a ceremonial walking stick jammed into a gap under my bed and a carved stick which holds the weaving in place.

I also fixed my handmade yoga bag, whose strap decided to break on the way home from yoga the other night. This one is 100x stronger! And includes 10% more pandas.

This is the puppet I made from random things laying about when I was in Wales over the summer. His name is Q'ayis Chikop, which means Moth in Tzutujil Mayan. He is a moth deity who brings depth to the night, bringing all of the stars with him as he sweeps his cape across the land. His curly nose picking up messages from the cosmos, and relaying them to those people who listen out for him.

I haven't yet gotten around to scanning some new work that will be turned into prints (because I am terrible at organisation and I'm awaiting a new printer) so alas, my etsy shop will not be refilled before Christmas with brand new shiny things, or anything for that matter until after Christmas when I have the funds to foot the bill for the printing. 

Still, I wish you all a beautiful season, and I hope that you get to make some wonderful memories together.

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