Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Shop is Restocked!

I finally just got on with it!
My shop is now restocked thanks to a wonderful lady I met in the coffee shop the other day who expressed her disappointment in there being nothing for her to buy on my shop!
Her kind words forced me into action, and as of today you can order some of the good ol' favorites.
I will be adding more prints in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out!

I may also try and work some magic via etsy and make some gift cards available to use in my shop. Then your loved one that receives this wonderful gift can choose their print for themselves!

I hope you are all well as we go into this crazy consumerist time of the year. Generally I'm against it, but I'm a sucker for art. 

Instead I would opt for lovely family time, and spending time with friends and other wonderful people. I went to kirtan in Totnes last night, which was just a nice warm bundle of love. I even went to the Willow café for a meal before we started, and it was just so warm and inviting in there... I wish I had longer to sit and relax before the gathering! 

Anyway, enough about me.

If you order your prints asap, then they will arrive before Christmas 
(shipped via royal mail for the UK customers so keep an eye on how they're keeping up with the demand on their website)

For international shipping please allow 3 weeks for your parcel to arrive (normally 2 weeks but with the Christmas rush, best to add on another week)

Thank you to everyone who decides to buy my work this year, as all of the proceeds are going towards enabling me to work with a couple of shamans in Peru this coming year. This adventure should hopefully bring a whole host of exciting new illustration to your doorstep so keep a watchful eye on this blog, the website and anywhere else you might find me!

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