Monday, 30 September 2013

The Midnight Bass Weaver

As life goes, sometimes you just end up taking up double bass and weaving within the same week. I'm learning to play and also learning a particular type of weaving originally used by the Metis people of Canada. They created 'ceinture flechee' which translates roughly to arrow sash. The women wove this for the men to wear, and when they were portaging canoes and other goods from the trading post, then they would place them over their foreheads and attach the heavy load to the ends of the sash. I'm not making it for any man, and I'm making a considerably thinner version of it, which will be used as a guitar strap. Its going pretty well so far, but considering it takes someone who has been doing it for a while, roughly 600hours to make one, I reckon I could be here a long time. Still its worth it to learn a bit about your heritage and be that focused on something.

Sadly most of my activity starts at around midnight and carries on til 5 or 6am... weaving at least. I'm sure I'd get a telling off if I was playing bass at that time in the morning!

Also, I picked up my double bass last week, and I'm so so pleased with it- as you can tell!

I'm looking forward to getting stuck in, boosting my music theory knowledge and getting back to basics. Such a beautiful sound!

I also attended a couple of yoga workshops at the yoga loft in Plymouth recently, and had fun bending over backwards rather extremely!

Soon there will be more of an illustration based update, I promise, but all of this creativity manifesting in different ways feeds into my illustration practice in unfathomable ways I'm sure!

Hope you've all had a fantastic summer, and are ready to cosy on down as one of my favorite seasons comes around the corner; Autumn is such a wonderful time of year, I get to wear all of my knitwear and all of my clothes tend to be autumnal colours, so I blend in rather well! It also means I can start to wear my big ol' army style coat at some point!

One day I'll be crooning with my beautiful bass, watch out world!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tangled Wood

I've been rather quiet recently... and for good reason! I've been frolicking in a Welsh Valley, painting temples with Tibetan goddesses. 

And giving offerings of joy, music and artwork. 
So, here is my offering of artwork to you folk

I've been drooling over a tanglewood guitar recently, and double basses (upright basses for my American friends) I'm still crazily in love with the double bass. This stint away has rekindled my joy for music, singing and playing guitar, and the yearning for a double bass never really went away. 

A doodle from today

A sketchbook page from recent times

I'm still in love with Esperanza Spalding and Raphael Saadiq... check them out on youtube,
especially Esperanza's gig in San Sebastian

Wales was incredible, I learned a lot about myself, and learned a load of new skills, like branding (with a hot iron, not graphic design), a bit of basket weaving, a bit of carving/whittling, flint knapping, and how to be more of my wild wild self. I made a puppet out of things I found laying around after everyone had left, and had a lot of fun dancing.

What can I say? I'm definitely heading back next year!

 Double bass in hand hopefully! Ready to perform a little number or two!