Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Permaculture, Nature Connection & Return For a While

So, my dear friend informed me that I hadn't updated my blog in a while, and that I should do so!
So, as always I will take good advice from a friend. 
What have I been up to? I just spent the last 2 weeks up in Scotland, exploring the ways of permaculture and meeting so many new and fantastic people, that my heart hurts. 
We had a whirlwind, jam packed 2 weeks of knowledge, fun and discussion. What a fabulous group we had! We learned how to make raw chocolate too... yummy.

The part that I loved most, was the nature connection work we were doing. Really sitting and getting in tune with your surroundings and reconnecting to the earth and the other inhabitants we all too often overlook!

I learned so much my head hurt, now just to put it into practice. I'm hoping to do some permaculture related illustration soon, and get the wheels in motion for a permaculture childrens book... or one for adults with nice illustrations... we'll see where it takes me.

Soon I'll be flitting off to wales to work with the people at Spirit Horse, I'll be painting a pagoda for them with Tibetan goddesses. Should be fun and inspiring! 

I forgot to mention that somehow I plucked up the courage to do a firewalk... look at that beautiful fire! No injuries either! 

Like a lake of lava! 

Such a great night, and a fantastic end to an amazing course. Thank you to everyone... I have some new friends and family for life!