Monday, 24 June 2013

Dragons & Capybara

Finally some new work of my own.
I recently had a long 8 hour train journey x2 going up to Newcastle and back, and I managed to do a bit of drawing. There's another piece which isn't finished yet, but was significantly added to during the journey.

A charming wood/moss dragon

I'll soon be zipping off to Scotland on the permaculture course that everyone so kindly donated to. I hope to do some sketching of some characters and things for the book that I hope to produce about permaculture whilst I'm out there, or shortly after. Then I'm off to Wales to help paint a pagoda, producing a mural of some Tibetan Dakinis. Should be fun! 

I will be back in Mid August, so if anyone would  like to commission me then, that would be the best time to inquire!

All the best,

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