Monday, 13 May 2013

Permaculture in Full Swing!

So many wonderful people have rallied together and donated to my fantastic project in partnership with Earth Ways of Scotland. 

If, for some reason you haven't heard me talk about it... (ho ho ho) then here is the link to what the project is about

We hit our first target of $800, which is so fantastic! The real target however is $1334, which would cover the rest of the course and travel expense. 

As I am currently unemployed, (yet frantically seeking a day job and not having much luck due to the economy) it would be fantastic to be able to push forward my illustration in ways that are helpful and educational to others. This project is the perfect way to do so, and I hope to produce a childrens book to educate them in the principles behind permaculture. I also hope to produce educational materials for future permaculture courses or any other educational materials that might be useful. 

So please, if you can donate, I will be forever grateful!

But how about a round of applause for all the wonderful people who have already donated!!! Many thanks, you have made this dream so much more possible than I ever thought. 


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