Monday, 20 May 2013

Perma Perma Permaculture

I've been beavering away on some awesome skillshare projects.
If you don't know what skillshare is, check it out at
Its really neat, there are classes (most are $20) in typography, illustrator, design, food creation, writing... you name the creative subject, they probably have a course on it. And there are some big names like Jon Contino creating skillshare classes.
I enrolled on an adobe illustrator class to get me used to working in it, as I was always intimidated and rather like a child when they have no idea how to use a paintbrush... just bashing away with the pen tool, creating and destroying lines. I'm much better now thanks to this really inexpensive course, and far more confident in my ability to use the program with some decorum.

And I enrolled on Jon Contino's handdrawn typography label design course, which is pretty good, nice to see a good amount of people creating projects and leaving good crit :)

I've been working on a label for that class, but also for my friends Jen & Eric who have their own permaculture farm.
Here's the progress so far, but the whole design is subject to change. I just wanted to show off a little bit, as I've been rather quiet on the illustrating front this past week.

I like the '2009 VERMONT' lettering (I'll need to change what should look like a fancy sun in the middle) But I'm not too sure I'm hitting the nail on the head with the typography for 'Permaculture'
Any ideas? Crits?

I'm also going to be making my own skillshare class in Natural Science Illustration soon, 
So let me know what kinds of thing you would want to see on the syllabus, and I'll try to include it!
You can reply on here or send an email to


  1. Hi Stephanie- I've been following your blog for a while, I love your illustration and can't wait to see your skillshare class! I'd definitely be interested in joining it :)

    1. Heya! Thanks for following the blog, I'm glad that you're enjoying it! I'm hoping to get the material all laid out in the next 6 weeks, I don't know whether I will be posting it before I go away for the summer, or when I get back in August. I guess most likely mid August, and it gives time for the class to fill up! I'll look forward to you joining us for it! Anything specific you would like me to cover? I'll try and fit in as much as possible. All the best,
      Steph x