Sunday, 14 April 2013


Hey guys! 
I have an exciting new project I'm just starting up, I'm in the research phase which involves going up to Scotland to do a Permaculture Design Course. Exciting! 
However, those courses cost money, and I need your support in getting me there! I'm raising as much of my own money as I can, but with your help I can reach my target and attend the course in July.

Its a great course run by Earth Ways in Scotland

Here's the link to my project, you get to look at my first attempt at a video log! Hilarious. I'm sure I'll look back on it fondly one day *ahem* but for now, I hope it gets across what I want to do. If it doesn't, then I've written all about what I plan to do on the page as well! Can't fail, right?

We really really need to hit the target on the website (the target is actually a lot lower than the amount I really need because if you don't hit target you don't end up getting any of the donations (they get returned to you lovely donators)... so, to make your donation worthwhile, if you feel like its a good project, please spread it about on any social media platform that you can! Thank you to anyone who does this in advance, it will be a MASSIVE help in spreading the word!
The target on the website is $800 (approx £520)
but the real target is $1334 (approx £870)
We can go over the target on the fundraising page so that we hit the real target, lets hope we can do it with a fantastic effort from all you great people!


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