Sunday, 30 December 2012

Vermont, Yoga & Teahouse

So I'm in Vermont, have been for over 2 weeks now.
I've been settling in, and its been snowing like crazy the past few days, squeeeee!
I'm learning to snowboard which is pretty rad considering I have a fear of being strapped onto moving objects. I also joined a yoga center and am going pretty much every day (apart from weekends) and I'm learning a lot. Iyengar yoga teaches alignment in poses so that is helping me in numerous ways. Vinyasa is getting me moving and doing more challenging poses than I have dared before. Yin yoga is restorative and calming, so thats nice to chill out with. I haven't tried the other ones yet, so that will be fun.

I've been hanging out at an awesome teahouse called Stoneleaf. Check them out, lovely owners.

Here are some sketches

Christmas was lovely despite being away from home, there was snow and much eating.
Feeling very welcomed here in VT, off to another family gathering. ta ra for now!

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