Sunday, 9 December 2012

Falmouth, Plymouth, London, Vermont

So the time has come.
I am no longer in Falmouth. I have left behind my beloved (if slightly annoying at times) cat, my 2 wonderful housemates, a bezzie mate, and loads of other Falmouth beauties. 
Off I go to the farthest reaches of America. Well, Vermont. But not before hitting up Plymouth, and London on the way through. 

Its been one hectic week!
Leaving do's, Packing up and moving my house to Plymouth, saying goodbyes (managed not to cry, well a tear or 2 in private... mainly over the cat.) But thats because I know I will see all my human friends again, but who knows where sardine will be?! 
I hope she has a happy future with a loving family.

I'm all packed up and leaving Plymouth tomorrow, onto London for a few days to see family and friends and to get some last bits of painting done with what little studio time we can muster! 

Then on the 13th, flying to Vermont to see my beloved once more! For 3 months! 
How lucky I am to be able to do this, and how lucky I am that skype exists. Its been hard, but boy has skype made it a hell of a lot easier! 

So what's in store for me? Freedom! I get to paint whatever I want very soon! Teach myself how to cook some new beautiful meals, do yoga every day (ahem...almost every day (more likely)) although I am signing up to unlimited classes for a month and I did just get my new Jade yoga mat... so there is NO excuse! Most of my days will be spent alone while Athen is at work, but in the evenings we have lots of socializing to do, tango lessons to take, kirtan sessions and all kinds of awesome things lined up. A trip to Canada seems on the cards, and a trip to New York too! I'm hoping to go back to the life drawing class at the Society of Illustrators again, it was such a blast! And thats not even mentioning the winter sports!... if it snows. Knowing my luck? Well, whatever really! 
My one aim/goal/mission for this trip? See a moose! And maybe a bear, but a moose is probably safer?

And of course, last but not least, spend amazing times such as the ones above, with my lovely chappie. Without his hard work this would not even have been a possibility! 

SO, keep your eyes peeled for some fresh fresh fresh work! Most likely updating here and tumblr and adding any good new pieces to the website, so keep up! 

Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas, and I hope that I get some damn snow! I will feel cheated by Vermont otherwise!

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