Monday, 26 November 2012

The art of Re-purposing

So I've been using a rubbish old free canon bag to take my yoga mat to and from class... and what with Falmouth being so rainy, its not great, as it doesn't even cover up the whole mat. 

SO, when my friend let me have her old beanbag cover to make things with, I set to work right away with swift but sub-par needling skills, and turned half of it into a fully working zip-up yoga mat carrier. I was super pleased with myself, especially the zipping part! I'll need to use a sewing machine and go over all the stitches, but for now, its super cool, and just perfect!

I still have another half a beanbag... whatever will I turn it into? Super cool night top? (sadly not enough material for awesome panda pyjama trousers!)

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