Sunday, 11 November 2012

Social Media & Getting Your Work Noticed

So recently I've been on a hellbent mission to get myself out there a bit more, and to get up to date with all the social media networking malarky that's out there. 

I discovered that there are many different outlets you can get noticed on, and that it CAN be time consuming. However, I feel that once you get everything set up, it can be a bit of a doddle, you just have to remember what platforms you are on and once you update one of them, copy, paste and put it on all the others, or link them all up.

So, this post will be about the networking sites that I have found useful, and what I have found them useful for, and where you can link them up to. 

So lets start with an easy one.

Create a page for your artwork and invite all your friends... get them to share the page on their personal page, and hopefully you will reach a few more people. Apart from that, liking publishers and artists on your professional profile is a good way of getting noticed, or at least put onto their radar. Subscribe to them and then you can keep up to date with what they're doing, and if they find you interesting enough, perhaps they'll do the same. 
I'm reluctant to put any flat images of finals on the page, but I do post photographs of final images so that people can see what I've just done or have been working on. 
Link it up to twitter, and it will automatically create a status update from whatever you tweeted. An easy way to kill two birds with one stone.

I'm still not overly using this platform, but I do put any work updates on there... if I've got new prints in the shop, that goes up there. I get a bit lost when it comes to doing day to day general updates... obviously my life isn't interesting enough!
Follow publishers and artists you like... sometimes they follow you back and that can be a good way to get noticed. 

As you know, you can reach a good audience on Blogger. However, I have found that people tend to find me accidentally via google because they are looking at doing the Illustration course at Falmouth, or because they are looking for student illustrators to hire cheaply. While this is alright, it would be great to reach a wider audience. And thats where tumblr comes in. 
Blogger is my favorite blogging platform however, and I much prefer it to wordpress blogging. Can't really say why, its just a bit lovely.
You can link up your blogger to Google + now, and that helps people share it more easily. They can +1 with a simple click. Your blogger profile will be overtaken by your google + profile, so its worth using your google + account specifically for business, or create another one for business and use that. 
(you're here already)

Google +
 At the moment, I use this to link to blogger so that people can share things more easily.
I'm sure there are other great benefits to having a google+ account, but I'm fairly new to it. 
Tell me more about it if you know!

Putting google +1 buttons on your website is a good idea, people can share anything on there in a couple of clicks. 

I've recently started properly using this, and I find it really useful. I love putting all my inspiration up on there. And its so easy to reblog, that hopefully people will reblog your work regularly. This is a great way to reach a larger audience. By being active and reblogging other people's work, especially artists you like, often they see your work, and if they reblog your work on their site, who knows how many then notice you!

EDIT- Since being on tumblr, I've found it useful to create a separate page for your artwork, that way it is easier for people to find your work.
Do this by creating a page, and for the URL write /tagged/whateveryouwant (such as myartwork)
and tag all the images with that tag, so that all of those images are placed onto that page as well as in the main feed. 
Also, tagging your images should mean people can see your work more often.

I make boards about what I love... art, decor, eco housing, whatever. This helps people see that you are a real person, and re-pinning is really quick. I have a board specifically for my art, where I pin up my work that is on Etsy so that the links to the shop are spread around. When people click through, they get taken to the item for sale. I also put up work that isnt on etsy.  

In my experience, only really good at selling work if you use it as your website's shop. There's a lot of stuff on there, and its often tricky for people to find you, and even if they do, most people do a lot of browsing and not a lot of buying on etsy. I know I do. 

Good professional networking site, definitely worth having. An online resume essentially. I've just figured out that I can put up a slideshow portfolio of my work on there to entice prospective clients in further. Which leads me to Behance.

I only found out about behance because there was an option to make a slideshow portfolio on LinkedIN, and you had to have a behance account to make it. So far I've just uploaded my portfolio, put it on LinkedIn, and thats probably all I will do with it. I don't feel the need to have a million and one portfolios everywhere. 

Something that I feel might be a good idea, is 'discovering' all of your website, blog etc on stumbleupon. You can do this by 'liking' a page in the stumbleupon toolbar. This then puts your pages into the stumbleupon search engine, and if you're clever enough with tagging, then you'll probably get a good few views because of it. It might be worth 'liking' every single one of your website pages or blog posts or whatever, just to create a larger chance of people seeing it, but hey, its your call. Personally I don't have the time nor willpower to do that mind numbing task.

Google Analytics
Pretty useful, you can monitor traffic from your blogs, website, etc. So far I haven't discovered what I should do with the data collected from them, but its kinda interesting to find out that someone in Japan or Russia has visited your page. Even if its only for a minute. 

SO! Thats it guys, hope this has been (perhaps somewhat vague in places) but useful nonetheless. 
If any of you have any insights into any of these networking sites, any hidden gems, then comment below and I'll make sure to include the advice in an edited version.


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