Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pomegranate Flatbread

So... I was going to make bread, and then found that it would take 12 hours to prove. So whilst that is proving itself to whoever it needs to, I was busy making a delicious flatbread. 

Made with chapatti flour and some water.
Topped with red onion, olives, mushroom, piquillo peppers, cherry tomatoes and pomegranate.
and sprinkled with za'atar, tumeric and hungarian paprika.
Garnished with fresh nasturtium flowers from the garden :)

artwork soon I promise!


  1. This looks amazing! YUM! I want to make bread with Chestnut Flour... heard about it the other day and that it tastes awesome. Just got to track some down. Or pick all the chestnuts up at Kew and make it myself when I am feeling like I need to give something a pounding! Hope you are well xx