Saturday, 29 September 2012

Analog New York

Crazy shop front

This bread gives you a big booty... no doubt!

Flatiron Building - had a meeting on the 10th floor

View from 10th floor of Flatiron Building

 This guy had the best dress sense and a beautiful beard/ suave hairstyle

One of those crazy tourist that takes a picture of a picture of their child in front of various things.

My two lovelies Ruth & Rachel on the high line!

I had been transported back to the 50s

I would love my job too if I got to ride around in one of these

My lovelies Ruth & Matthew in central park

I told you I would show you eventually. Hope you're happy!

Society of Illustrators Life Drawing

Finally getting around to blogging about New York all those months ago!
So here are the life drawings I did at the Society of Illustrators life drawing sessions. If you're ever in New York on a Tuesday night, from 6.30- late there is the most amazing life drawing class I've been to. 2 models, one male, one female, a live Jazz band and a bar. 

Next up, photos from NY!

Thursday, 27 September 2012


Bread (that I made myself!)

Josh, with his new ukelele folk band attire.

Me, Cat & Studio sans Bread.