Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Hey guys! Yes its been such a long time since I've posted any illustrations or images of any kind for that matter. I'm still yet to show you new york, and the lifedrawing sketches from it! Soon! I promise! So much to catch up on! 

However, now is not the time. Its hectic heading into August and I have what would appear to be a million and 1 things to accomplish in a very short space of time. Thursday heralds the arrival of a visitor, so I'm hurredly trying to churn out some fab illustrations for the lovely Gabrielle Jonas to finish off her childrens book 'When the Tree Flew'
Very excited to be finally finishing it, and the illustrations that are coming out now seem to be better in my opinion. 

Here's some jumping spiders!

I recently started volunteering at The Here & Now Gallery in Falmouth, and my work has been put in the window! Big huzzah!

I now have giclee archival quality prints available of the toucans (above), the coral reef (below) and the monkeys. I can also get any other prints that are available on my etsy done as giclee prints, or any of my work as giclee prints if anyone would be interested. All proceeds as per usual go to funding my way to Borneo to do natural history illustration as part of a research team in October!
I'm in desperate need of a hand as the funding I applied for fell through! So if you've been considering buying something nice for your home, or as a gift for a friend, then I urge you to consider buying something from my etsy! 

Today I got a lovely message from Sundeep, blogger extraordinaire.
He's featured my work on his blog! Check it out!
Thanks Sundeep!

July has felt like swimming through tar... a million jobs on the go, illustrations to finish, things to plan, money to save, houses to get ship shape. And in between all that, trying to find time to go sea swimming! 

So... the motto for July, and most likely all the way through til September is 
'Just Keep Swimming'

More updates soon guys, I promise!

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