Thursday, 19 July 2012

The War on Slugs Begins

I recently planted a small crop of veg... about 2 days ago. At first the slugs left it alone... they obviously hadn't caught wind of it. Yesterday I put coffee grounds down around my plants as a precautionary measure. Today I am one pak choi down. 

Perhaps the coffee alerted them to the presence of the tasty grub? Who knows. Or perhaps I put the upturned half a melon too close to my poor fallen pak choi soldier. I am now recruiting crushed eggshells as a barricade against the horde, but I am not very rich in terms of eggshells, so currently there is only a barricade around 2 plants. The slugs have nibbled the arm off General Tomato, bitten holes through Sargent Basil, and completely beheaded Corporal Pak Choi. 

It is now that I would like a 20 seconds silence for my fallen comrades. Let there be no more casualties. This is war!!!

More coffee, more eggshells... More... more! 
My first vegetable garden will not be a failure!!! 

In other news, the house and studio are sorted, so I will be doing a blog post on our new pad shortly! Internet has been regained and once again I am working 2-3 jobs. 
I've had a great opportunity come up to work at 'The Here and Now' gallery one day a week, so I'm lapping it up! 
I've also applied for The Natural Store in Helston. So fingers crossed that I get at least a call back! 

There should be some new work (illustration wise) in the pipeline soon after I've completed this commission, so keep your eyes peeled! 

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