Sunday, 8 July 2012

Busy Bee & Hiatus

Sorry for having gone quiet for so long!

Its been busy here... end of year show, moving house, a new job, going to london for new designers and all whilst not having any internet at the new be rectified shortly. 

So, some updates will happen no doubt, I've got a sneak peek into our new studio (situated in the lounge of our new house) where Josh Hurley, Thomas Turner and I will reside and make some fantastic imagery. 
I might do a guided tour of the house once everything is actually packed away a bit neater! 
I'm looking forward to spending the summer in Falmouth as Borneo has been postponed til October. However I'm rather happy about this change as it gives me time to settle in, get sorted and figure out whats going on! Time to get back to running and swimming and yoga etc, and look after my body a bit more. Poor thing has been through a lot of stress and neglect in the past couple of months! 

I'll be extremely happy to be working on some new personal illustration projects that will hopefully lead me to a natural style that is more my kinda thing without the influence of clients or university to take into account. Sounds fun! :D

Thats all for now, but I will update asap. 


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