Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Paintathon & No More Eyeballs

After an entire day sat at my desk painting this image, my eyes have shriveled up and are rattling around in their sockets. I'm on the point of insanity, extremely delirious and on the verge of collapse.
Thankfully I've painted the image to at least an acceptable level of detail to go to print. However, the paintathon will continue until I consider this piece finished. Which could take quite a while. OR I could paint the other half of the lizard I was painting, and have even ANOTHER portfolio piece for New York, and actually have another finished project for assessment. Seeing as everything has now gone off to the printers, that might be a viable option. 
I'll see what the guys at the heart of borneo think, and if they don't mind having the report cover as is for the minute, I may be one very happy lady.

So, here it is

without text

with text, cropped in tight

With text, zoomed out a bit.



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