Sunday, 6 May 2012

Coral Reefs & Kamchatka

I need to get over my fear of painting this coral reef for my kids book. Hopefully I'll finish it tonight and then I can get on with painting the rest of the scientific report cover for the heart of borneo project.

In the meanwhile I want to ask your opinions of some logo designs/fonts for this project I'm working on. I'm designing a logo for Expedition Kamchatka. They should be going in 2015, for 4ish months traveling from North to South in Kamchatka. Kamchatka is in Russia and was used as a military testing zone of some kind... it was shut off to the Russians and foreigners alike until recently. 10 years ago they opened it up for people. However, it is a rather remote place, so not many people have ventured into Kamchatka since it was opened. There are national parks, which you have to gain a permit to enter and there are a limited number of people allowed in every year.

Expedition Kamchatka consists of 2 people and a native guide traveling from north to south on foot. 
It all sounds amazingly exciting, so I'm proud to be asked to design their logo.

So, what do you guys think?

Russian looking font

Russian inspired font, but english looking

Same font as above, but actually in Russian.

The last image is a mockup for a website banner/business card etc... just an idea.

right, back to coral reefs then onto frogs!!!


  1. I like the Russian inspired font, in Russian or English, and I like the one where the text is on one line.

    1. Thanks Jess, seems like we're all in agreeance on this one, and they are the ones we are going for :)

      P.S I seriously need to take lessons off you on painting plants... I can't get the luminosity or the transparency of leaves... rather annoying! x