Saturday, 21 April 2012

Wedding, Tear Sheet & Old Work

My cousin Jane is getting married, and I was very honored to be asked to illustrate her wedding itinerary. It had to be done quickly, as I have a lot of work on, but I still wanted it to be good, because I sadly can't attend the actual wedding. 
I wish I could have spent longer on it, and planned it better, but there are parts that I like- the typography of the days mainly. I haven't done anything that was drawn first and then painted like this, so I'm still struggling uncomfortably with it. I would love to develop a reportage style that can incorporate my pencil mark making and spot colour. I think that I will most likely pursue this in the year after university. Something colourful and lively, not static and still, stagnant how I feel at the moment.
I'm hoping that the freedom of not adhering to university standards and not having to jump through hoops will allow me to loosen up and find my true visual language.

Anyway, here is the ininerary. I still have to put the header on it, but its pretty much done.

Today I designed one of the couple of tear sheets that I will be taking to New York on my industry visits. These are designed to be left with industry professionals and to give an 'at a glance' overview of your work and what you are about. 

So this one is for my high detailed natural history work, but as you can see at the top there are also sketches, and the vulture at the bottom is in a looser more painterly style. So it is showing that I can do looser work, as well as the very tightly rendered work. 

I was looking back over some project work from the 2nd year, and I found this piece which I quite like. It is the facing page that pairs with the elephant painting that you can see on my website, or in my online store. I quite like the quietness and the space in this image. Most likely, I'll put these images into my portfolio in context, as I feel that it deserves a bit more explanation. Plus it looks more professional!

Next up, project report for The Heart of Borneo Project
(How quickly (and skillfully) can it be done?)

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  1. I like the idea of a tear page- I am going to steal that idea if you don't mind?! Although mine will just have plants on it! Your's is way more interesting! Good luck with writing your report. Love the wedding itinery by the way- it's got a nice happy feeling to it rather than the drab ivory white 'purist' nature they tend to have.