Sunday, 29 April 2012

Pu-erh Tea Wrappings... Back from China!

I'm extremely excited today, as David & Kathy ("The Essence of Tea" owners) have sent me back images of the tea wrappers I designed! 
They look pretty cool when they're on the tea cakes (each cake is made of compressed tea leaves, so you break off a bit when you want to brew some tea.) 

They also found someone else who was interested it using some of my designs for their tea wrappers in China, so he used one of the ones I designed for David & Kathy, and I designed a new one for them :)
Just heard the lovely gentleman that used my design has given me a tea cake of my own :) what a lovely present! Very grateful for tasty teas, can't wait to try it!

So here they are, the lovelies!

Selection of the cakes- (The green fish are the ones for the other gentleman, he wanted to use it for 2 different teas, so he has a blue version, like the rest of the wrappers, and a green one like the photo.)

All Together!


 Peach Blossom


I can't say just how flattering it is to have your designs put onto something that will be sold, it really is an incredible feeling, and I've very pleased about how they came out. Especially the magnolias, lovely.

There are still 2 more to be printed (I think) one with mountains, and one with an orchid :) 

I look forward to seeing them in real life, and of course David & Kathy when they get back from their exciting trip!


  1. They are truly beautiful-such talent. Not that Im biased. xxx M