Saturday, 7 April 2012

A New Friend, Clean Room & Prints

Today, I was leaped upon by my new friend
I was helping my friend get her child into the car, when I looked down, and saw on my sandal this small stick-like green thing.
That green sticky thing is Bert. He's a stick insect, and now he lives in my glass teapot with all the bramble leaves his heart desires. He's only a baby, and I'll see him through to when he's big and strong.
The teapot is only a temporary home for Bert, and I've given him lots of air holes to breathe from.

Here's the stick of the hour!

I hope he is happy to stay with me for a little while

In other news... I cleaned my room! Shock Horror. It feels lovely and peaceful now. 
I just need to do another clear out of books etc for the book/bake sale, and all other extraneous junk that I don't want/don't need or use. I'm getting into this throwing things away lark, or at least donating them. 

I sent off the print order to the printers today, so hopefully I will have them by Thursday this week, so keep your eyes peeled for the prints becoming available on etsy!

Over & Out!

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