Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Murung Raya Mockups

Ok, 3am! 
Thats my limit for tonight, and thankfully the mockups are done.
Managed to make a surprising amount of progress today, along with getting ingredients for the bake sale, helping put together a zine that my fellow falmouth students have made, and helping Will decant and cap the ale he's brewed from scratch in the house! 
All in all, an exciting and spontaneous day.
Also, the boys have purchased a ping pong set and are using the dining table to play, so its quite nice to walk into the kitchen, get involved in a spur of the moment ping pong tournament and then return to work. Quite refreshing if you've been sat down all day drawing! 

So I've been working on mockups for The Heart of Borneo's annual report 2010-2011 

here they are

Just linework scanned in and then tone dropped onto it to figure out where I might put foliage etc. I quite like version 1 and its cleanliness, but it might be good to have something in situ in my portfolio... a good bit of foliage. Perhaps I might do a mish mash of the two, have the same amount of foliage that image 2 has, but the pose of image 1 or whatever. We'll see what the verdict is soon. I have to get painting. And fast!

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