Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lanternfly, Q&S Bake Sale, & Queenie

Alrighty, now that the first week of my last ever term is coming to a close, I can spend some time in updating you guys.

I've been working on a few projects at the moment,  including some more kids/character stuff!

I have new cards for sale, and they will go up on the Etsy store as soon as I have time to take some nice photos of them. As always, the proceeds will be going towards the Borneo trip, so if you like em', buy em! (£3 each or any 4 of your choice for £10)

I have been working on a leaflet for the heart of borneo project, and recently completed a couple of paintings for it. The leaflet is to inform people about what the heart of borneo project do. More updates on that later, but here are the progress shots of the lanternfly being painted. 
If the leaflet gets produced in time, the queen might see it in Exeter, as the Heart of Borneo has been selected to represent projects started at Exeter university. Fantastic. Cheers Queenie. 
Thats 2 Royals to in my collection now :D

initial line drawing 
( You draw one half, then fold it over and trace it so that it is exactly symmetrical )

The final cleaned up version. 

From the stages shown above, you do a rough underpainting of colour and block everything in to begin with, and then section by section ( Insects are nice to do because you can work on one part of a wing and then call it a day) you add in the details, going over parts again, and making sure that things are looking right, the range of tone etc. You can see that when I was painting the head I realised that it was too small, and so revised it with a bigger, more natural sized head. In some respects, if you're going to get it wrong, it is better to do things too small. 

Today me and my team of amazing bakers raised £130 for the Quotes & Sayings book by putting on a cracking bake sale. The chilli cheese straws were on fire, the carrot cake the juiciest out there, and the brownies so intense that you need only have one the size of a postage stamp. 

Phew I'm knackered! Thats all for now,
see you soon!

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