Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cercosaura, Business & Cakes

I started another painting!

Cercosaura argulus (underpainting in watercolour, to be worked over in detail in gouache.)

I finished reading 'Walden or Life in the Woods' by Henry David Thoreau, a very very good book, many ideas that really ring true, and are still applicable today, if not more so today than back when he wrote it in the 1800s. Give it a read, its worth the £2.50 it costs on Amazon.

And some pictures of the cakes we sell at Woodlane/Tremough when we do our bake sales... Next one is the either the first or second week of term. So bring in your money! I'll also be selling prints and books again. 

Flavours are...

Lime & Elderflower

Piña Colada

Caramelized Pecan & Almond

Raspberry & Apple

Cappucino & Stroopwafel Deluxe

AND my business cards arrived! All on 100% recycled paper stock!
 Thats all for now m'lovelies

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