Sunday, 18 March 2012

CARNIVAL & Other Odds & Ends

Its been a tough weekend. I am harder on myself than anyone else. My room is a direct correlation to the state of my mind. If it is messy and dark, so is my mind. If it is tidy and light, so is my mind. 
I'm having energy troubles at the moment, the motor is breaking down, my body seemingly not wanting to cooperate at all. Hibernation, restoration and recuperation... but from what?
I haven't been taxing my body very hard at all lately... haven't been running, not been doing much work at the hotel, or much work at uni. But still my legs ache, and I can't find my motivation. 

I think the stress of third year is slowly getting to me... or should I say, rather quickly.
I don't think it is the actual task of painting or doing projects, because I'm pretty sure I could put together a portfolio with 20 pages of work if I could include whatever projects (not necessarily relating). But getting a coherent portfolio? Work that I previously thought I might be able to put in there, I probably won't be able to. 
BUT I have to remember that this is just the beginning, and I already have something lined up for after university. So it isn't so big a deal. I already network, I already do the things that we will be doing in New York. The portfolio will come in time, and it will be changed a million times!

So not to worry really.
But I do.

Sometimes it is hard to get around thinking that the end of uni is the end of your free life...
Not if you don't want it to be. Don't settle for a 9-5 job, although they might help you along the way. 
Aspire to experiences, not wealth, aspire to relationships, not things.
Declutter, and you should find some freedom.
We aren't fixed to any location if we don't want to be. We can live in the world itself. 

All the mumbo jumbo aside, here are some random pieces of work that I have had laying around.

The raw painting of the quotes book

Lily (1 day paint sketch)
Maybe I will complete it someday?

Having trouble with greens again. Still so hard to get right!

 Some sketches from somewhere, quite like my bongo man, good amount of detail, but also good amount of looseness.

Carnival, some lettering I did a while ago for nothing in particular, painted up tonight.

So, some loose ends tied up. 
Goodnight one and all.
Haircut on the morrow!


  1. Great to see some new work Steph! With the greens, do you add a dash of rose madder or mauve or any other shade of red which sees appropriate to the subject you are depicting? I find that all the greens have more brown/red than one realises. If you add the transparent yellow's/green golds last you get a wonderful 'glow' to the green too.

    1. Hey Jess, I only add burnt sienna at the moment, never thought to add more reds, but have come across a chapter in a book called 'smuggling reds' quite interesting, I'll give it a go! So you mean overlaying the yellow/greens over the top of the red/greens? Do you mix the reds into the greens or do you layer it up one over the other? x