Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Better! Quotes & Sayings

Fingers crossed that no illness crosses my path in the next 10 weeks, or I will be rather angry.

Still, I'm feeling much better (vitamins are helping loads!)

And I've managed to restart my quotes and sayings painting seeing as I had started on sub par cartridge paper. There was nothing I could do. So, started again, and I'm feeling far happier. It has also allowed for slight composition tweaks, and some elements to be more thought out.

Here was the first painting

and the second (progress)

populating the scene with fantastic creatures!

Froggy is the favorite at the moment, had a lot of fun painting him today, now just for the rest! going to add in some hummingbirds somewhere, a toucan like creature (aracari) and a vine snake plus some fantastic beetles. 

So thats it for the moment,
Hopefully I can complete it today, tomorrow afternoon between 5-7 then scan and adjust sometime on Thursday, in between baking a million cupcakes, and putting on a big bake sale/raffle/book and print sale! 

Come along to woodlane outside the art shop, and we'll be vending our tasty treats! Pick up some bargain design/illustration books too!


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  1. CAKE! Also the painting is looking great :D I do like Mr Frog hanging over the side though. Looking very colourful ^^