Friday, 3 February 2012

Borneo, Dissertation & Sketchbooks

Amazing news!
If I can raise the money required to fund my place on The Heart of Borneo's 2012 summer field trip, then I'm there! They seemed to be pretty excited about my work and they have a load of projects that I can be working on with them. The Heart of Borneo is a great organisation, to find out more, please go to
They're doing great things to further scientific research in Borneo's rainforests, and they're helping communities too. In the future they aim to do more with education and making research seem more fun! There are so many possibilities for their team and the ways in which they can grow further to really make a big difference. They've received awards, and are highly commended on their outstanding efforts. Well worth a look, a very inspiring bunch.

So, quite a lot of money to raise, I'm selling a whole load of my books, so if anyone in Falmouth would like to buy any from me (all arty ones, a few graphic-y ones) then drop me a line at, or if you're on my course you can come and see me in the 3rd year studio where I have all the books for sale on a window shelf. Its for a good cause and all the books are in new-ish condition!

I'm also running a 10k race, and although I may have said that I would be fundraising for the quotes and sayings book from that, I'm not sure whether I may have to sacrifice any sponsorship money to the gods of the Borneo project. We'll see, I might still raise money for the book, as that was the original plan. Maybe I'll run 2 separate 10k races... who knows.

Any money from print sales from this point onward will be going into funding the trip.
The last remaining few prints are up on the shop, so if you want to get one I would do it now rather than later! 

Thanks in advance for anyone that supports this project and furthers my education through practical experience, it is a big big help!
So, dissertation is coming to an end, I'm nearly done with a week to spare. 
Here are some sketchbook drawings from the past couple of days. Oh, and a cute hot chocolate at Espressini :)

Onwards to dissertation victory! Onwards to natural history! Onwards I say!


  1. hey steph! that all sounds really exciting :)
    well done on getting your dissertation to almost done!
    what did you write about? i'd be interested to know as i haven't even started mine yet ..i'm still trying to figure out if i've picked the right thing to write about! :S

    -kelly x

    1. Hey kelly, Thanks! I've written about something seemingly v boring, but actually quite useful to me. Title is the influence of Impressionism on contemporary illustration. :) talking about visible brushstrokes and why super detailed realism just doesn't suit illustration most of the time. :) good luck with the monster! how long it yours? ours is 6-8000

  2. So excited about the Borneo thing. I hope you don't mind me mentioning this on my blog, but I couldn't help myself. This is the best news I have heard in a while from anyone :) Let me know when you have the sponsor pages for your trip up and I will promote. From my stats it looks like I am getting over hundred hits a day/post which isn't too bad. Even if your cause inspired just 10% of that that's 10 donors :D Keep in touch x

    1. Not at all! Thanks so much for doing that! As I say, I'm just waiting for the charity to sign up to a site, then I'll have a donations page that I can work with. I'm super excited now that I've finished my dissertation! Where have you been researching? I don't think I ever actually asked you! Ooh, I have a few questions, I'll send you an email on Facebook x

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