Thursday, 5 January 2012


I've recently come across a couple of natural history illustrations that I admire, this one is by Sandra Caleffi.

 I reckon she uses an airbrush as a base for the artwork, in fact I'm pretty sure of it. 
So naturally I wanted to try it out. I dug out all my old airbrushing equipment from the days where I airbrushed guitars.

I made a quick stencil and just had a muck about with it this evening. And because it wasn't worthy of anything else, I thought that I'd have a bit of fun with the patchy outcome.

So I drew over the top with rotring pen, and gave it a snappy title... I don't think it will be making its way into cinemas any time soon.

Here's a shot of the whole practice page... on the left you can see the stencils and various little tests.

So, that is at least a small attempt in the right direction. Of course I would paint in the details in gouache over the top of the airbrushing. The airbrushing would only be used as part of it to create soft gradients that would take forever and look clunky if I tried to paint it with a brush. 

More experiments to come!


  1. This is a nice fun post Stephanie! Love it. I can't believe that yellow snake - it's like a photograph. Stunning. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are well. I have just got back from Indonesia and thought of you from time to time when painting in the paddy fields. You'd love it. x

    1. awh, I so so want to go to indonesia and micronesia... I bet you had tons of fun! How was the wedding? x