Friday, 20 January 2012

Love Me or Die

Recently I've been working on a lyrics booklet such as one that you would get with a cd. But for a little twist, I thought I would do one larger format for vinyl. 
Hypothetically it would be a booklet that would sit inside a gatefold vinyl cover. For example, if you had a double LP, there would be 2 slots for the LPs, this time one would be for the lyrics book, the other for the LP itself. Yes. Anywhoo, here is a spread from the lyrics book that I am hurredly trying to put together for presentations on monday. Its in black and white right now because I like it, but the final is in full colour. I've yet to add the song title to the top left hand corner of the non type image.

here's the song that its depicting:
"The Love Me or Die" by C. W. Stoneking

more to come from this project, keep eyes peeled!

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