Monday, 30 January 2012

Tea Picking

So the finalists chosen from the tea designs are as follows

Magnolia flowers
(my choice from the selection of flowers)


Mountains with Tree

I'm very excited to see the finished packaging! 
Lets hope the tea is as lovely as usual! 
Hope their travels are amazing, and they come back with beautiful teas to try!

Friday, 27 January 2012

More Tea Work

I've recently been doing some watercolour paintings for the tea shop again,
this time for the wrapping for the pu-erh cakes that they make and sell every year.

Its quite therapeutic to do these paintings, as you can't plan them too much or they become very rigid. Nice to see where the paint takes you.

Here are some of the designs, there will be a few more in the next couple of days as well.

The mock ups are a bit hashed together because of the dark scans. Still, hope they like them!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Love Me or Die

Recently I've been working on a lyrics booklet such as one that you would get with a cd. But for a little twist, I thought I would do one larger format for vinyl. 
Hypothetically it would be a booklet that would sit inside a gatefold vinyl cover. For example, if you had a double LP, there would be 2 slots for the LPs, this time one would be for the lyrics book, the other for the LP itself. Yes. Anywhoo, here is a spread from the lyrics book that I am hurredly trying to put together for presentations on monday. Its in black and white right now because I like it, but the final is in full colour. I've yet to add the song title to the top left hand corner of the non type image.

here's the song that its depicting:
"The Love Me or Die" by C. W. Stoneking

more to come from this project, keep eyes peeled!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Beginnings

Tea leaves adrift like
Fluttering moths to moonlight
Both bring peaceful soul

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Welcome folks!
My super sculpey and tools arrived, and so here is the product of a day of tinkering... my first sculpt done with materials that are actually any good! 
I would highly recommend using this fantastic stuff!
The sculpture is of the head of a Fossa (a big cat-like mongoose that lives on Madagascar). His ears and chin got burnt in the oven, but I quite like it! More sculpting to come I think, and maybe I'll even attempt to paint the next one afterwards!

P.S sorry for my terrible video-ing skills, the damn screen thing shows everything backwards, its very odd!

Cheers guys!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A While Ago

I did this.
Just found it!
there is an amazing app for the ipad out.
why they don't enable it to run just on my macbook I'll never know, and I'm quite peeved at it.

I want it so bad!

Thursday, 5 January 2012


I quite like messing around with typography,
I like doing so on tracing paper (although this leads to the common belief that I trace the letters from somewhere.) I can assure you that although I do work on tracing paper, I don't think I've traced type ever. I may base some of my doodlings on things I've seen (I'm sure my subconscious picks up on a lot of things).
So without further ado, 
here are some of my typography sketch pages.

Tasty times.


I've recently come across a couple of natural history illustrations that I admire, this one is by Sandra Caleffi.

 I reckon she uses an airbrush as a base for the artwork, in fact I'm pretty sure of it. 
So naturally I wanted to try it out. I dug out all my old airbrushing equipment from the days where I airbrushed guitars.

I made a quick stencil and just had a muck about with it this evening. And because it wasn't worthy of anything else, I thought that I'd have a bit of fun with the patchy outcome.

So I drew over the top with rotring pen, and gave it a snappy title... I don't think it will be making its way into cinemas any time soon.

Here's a shot of the whole practice page... on the left you can see the stencils and various little tests.

So, that is at least a small attempt in the right direction. Of course I would paint in the details in gouache over the top of the airbrushing. The airbrushing would only be used as part of it to create soft gradients that would take forever and look clunky if I tried to paint it with a brush. 

More experiments to come!