Thursday, 29 December 2011

Animal Anatomical Models

I just want to say first and foremost, that you people in the US are jammy buggers. You get all the high detail beautiful dinosaur models, and now this. Its just too much. One day I might become one of you, but well, then again, maybe not.
What am I rambling on about? 
I'm talking about these babies. Beautiful animal anatomical models that you can take apart. They're beautifully crafted. They're well designed. They look pretty accurate.

They cost a fortune to ship to England, and this is my qualm people.
Take a look at them.

I'm thinking that there had better be a shop that sells these in new york. Where I can easily access it within my busy schedule and get back to the hotel and stash them before my next meeting. 
If there is any research for New York happening... it will be for a place to buy these first. Don't worry about meeting publishers... just give me the damn models.


Wednesday, 28 December 2011


So, Christmas done with for another year.
I love spending time at my family home in Plymouth, its just a shame that it's in Plymouth.
Still, a nice christmas had by all I think.
Now I'm back in Falmouth, and having not done any work while I was in Plymouth, I really should get cracking! I'm ill at the moment though, so this could put a vice grip on actually getting much done. But I'm going to curl up with some nice food, and a hot chocolate, watch some cool documentaries, listen to my lovely new record player, and get some sketching done. 
When I finally feel up to it, I'll unpack my bags and get down to doing my dissertation! I reckon I can bash that out in no time... but I'm hoping that the uni library is open!

Here's a couple of christmas cards I did that I can now put up!
These 2 are of Chinese tea cups that are around 3 - 400 years old I think?  David and Kathy can correct me if I'm wrong!

Right o... Onwards!
Everyone else have a good christmas?

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas Cards & The Late Night Scanner

I've been painting Christmas cards this year, and so far I've managed two. One for a tea shop, and one for a coffee shop. The hand seems to be coping quite well at the moment, but I don't want to stretch it too far.

So here's one of them!

I've been up late scanning sketchbooks most nights, and I have to say, I haven't managed to actually get very far at all. Still, life goes on, and I have a few more days before I head home, so I'd best get scanning faster!

Friday, 16 December 2011

New Sketchbook

As promised, the first few spreads from my new sketchbook. Nothin but moleskine baby. 
There's just a certain beauty that comes with that yellowy paper. 

 unspeakable terror you say?

 Lightnin' Hopkins is well worth a listen... The song Mojo hand in particular. Spotify it, or youtube, do whatever you can, just listen to it!

 Frog skeleton from the natural history museum, London... normally I get people ask things or comment when I'm drawing... not a soul did this time... perhaps they were all too engrossed in their own goings on.

 An alternative Christmas carol, a beautiful teacup from the teashop, and yep...a frog

 Big Butter and Egg Man... what a cool song, my favorite version by Louis Armstrong and The Hot 5

I've just gotten back into blind contours (where you don't look at the paper while you're drawing) and am rather pleased with the results (page above and below) I may have cheated a tiny bit (to make sure a hand gets attached to a sleeve and not a face) but for the most part, I'm not sneaking a peek.

So maybe you'll see some more blind contour work cropping up... maybe you won't. But its rather enjoyable, I just have to figure out where it fits into my illustration practice.

Next up - more sketchbooks from a bygone era.

Jazz, Blues and Book Up!

Well well well!
Recently I've been listening to a lot of jazz and blues to ease my gloomy mood because of my hand. I've been doing a bit of drawing here and there, but nothing really noteworthy. 
At the moment I'm scanning in sketchbook pages so that I can do an overhaul on the sketchbook section of my website. I think I'm going to have to get someone to help me sort it out, because the way I was taught to do it meant creating a separate page for each illustration, and not just doing an image swap... I don't quite understand why we didn't do that, but nevermind. Perhaps it was because of the scroll bar. 
In the end I'm going to have a separate little icon for each sketchbook, so you can browse through each one. It will be far more organised than what is up currently, and I hope that it will also provide some organisation to my sketchbook archives at home too. 

So, Jazz and Blues... I've fallen in love with the music, and just can't wait to get my record player, everything may well sound 100x better than compressed to death mp3 formats. 

Among the artists I quite like at the moment are,
Lightnin Hopkins,
John Lee Hooker,
Robert Johnson,
George Lewis,
Louis Armstrong,
Tom Waits
Sidney Bechet

I had a lovely long talk with the guy that sells blues/jazz vinyl at the vintage market (on now at the Poly, Falmouth). Its really great that he doesn't mind me asking a million and one questions, and sometimes just liking the look of a vinyl cover. I picked up a really good George Lewis vinyl with a beautifully illustrated cover. So I'm well on my way, Robert Crumb's guide in hand, navigating my way through the stars of Jazz and Blues.

The long awaited book 'When the Tree Flew' by Gabrielle Jonas is now up for sale on Barnes and Noble. Take a look!

Its really lovely to finally see my name on something available to the public! 

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas or holiday period, 
I'll be putting up some long forgotten sketchbook work soon, along with some recent stuff!