Friday, 16 December 2011

New Sketchbook

As promised, the first few spreads from my new sketchbook. Nothin but moleskine baby. 
There's just a certain beauty that comes with that yellowy paper. 

 unspeakable terror you say?

 Lightnin' Hopkins is well worth a listen... The song Mojo hand in particular. Spotify it, or youtube, do whatever you can, just listen to it!

 Frog skeleton from the natural history museum, London... normally I get people ask things or comment when I'm drawing... not a soul did this time... perhaps they were all too engrossed in their own goings on.

 An alternative Christmas carol, a beautiful teacup from the teashop, and yep...a frog

 Big Butter and Egg Man... what a cool song, my favorite version by Louis Armstrong and The Hot 5

I've just gotten back into blind contours (where you don't look at the paper while you're drawing) and am rather pleased with the results (page above and below) I may have cheated a tiny bit (to make sure a hand gets attached to a sleeve and not a face) but for the most part, I'm not sneaking a peek.

So maybe you'll see some more blind contour work cropping up... maybe you won't. But its rather enjoyable, I just have to figure out where it fits into my illustration practice.

Next up - more sketchbooks from a bygone era.

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  1. love the froggy! Drawing in blue suits your style and persona.