Thursday, 29 December 2011

Animal Anatomical Models

I just want to say first and foremost, that you people in the US are jammy buggers. You get all the high detail beautiful dinosaur models, and now this. Its just too much. One day I might become one of you, but well, then again, maybe not.
What am I rambling on about? 
I'm talking about these babies. Beautiful animal anatomical models that you can take apart. They're beautifully crafted. They're well designed. They look pretty accurate.

They cost a fortune to ship to England, and this is my qualm people.
Take a look at them.

I'm thinking that there had better be a shop that sells these in new york. Where I can easily access it within my busy schedule and get back to the hotel and stash them before my next meeting. 
If there is any research for New York happening... it will be for a place to buy these first. Don't worry about meeting publishers... just give me the damn models.


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