Wednesday, 28 December 2011


So, Christmas done with for another year.
I love spending time at my family home in Plymouth, its just a shame that it's in Plymouth.
Still, a nice christmas had by all I think.
Now I'm back in Falmouth, and having not done any work while I was in Plymouth, I really should get cracking! I'm ill at the moment though, so this could put a vice grip on actually getting much done. But I'm going to curl up with some nice food, and a hot chocolate, watch some cool documentaries, listen to my lovely new record player, and get some sketching done. 
When I finally feel up to it, I'll unpack my bags and get down to doing my dissertation! I reckon I can bash that out in no time... but I'm hoping that the uni library is open!

Here's a couple of christmas cards I did that I can now put up!
These 2 are of Chinese tea cups that are around 3 - 400 years old I think?  David and Kathy can correct me if I'm wrong!

Right o... Onwards!
Everyone else have a good christmas?

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