Monday, 28 November 2011

Tea Illustration & Packaging

Well, I finally finished the tea packaging (I think). I definitely bit off more than I could chew. What started as a 2 week project (although I had only planned to design the motif and make it in that time) turned into an 8 week project. 
I tried to do the packaging design, motif design in cut out that I had never tried before, typography, branding (what was I thinking?!) and design and layout for the information insert to go into the box. I wanted to do all this... for 5 teas. 

So what did I end up being able to do?
I did the packaging design, the motif cut out, I did an illustration for the insert and designed the layout of it myself. The branding didn't get too far at all, and I think I was hitting my head against a brick wall for a long time. I finally gave up when a local design agency came to my rescue and designed David and Cathy's amazing logo for the company.
I'm not going to beat myself up about it... at least I had a go, and I mean, there's an entire 3 year course devoted to that stuff... that I haven't been studying, and we never really covered branding at all in ND Graphic Design all those many years ago at college.

So here you go, I'll be taking some photos for my portfolio shortly when I can make a prototype in its entirety. It probably won't make it into my portfolio, or if it does it will play a mere cameo role.

The internal illustration... rather fun! I'm really enjoying single colour illustrations at the moment

  The front of the insert
(you would see the name of the tea through the cut out, but not the company name)

A different version with the red logo

and the back of the insert with all the information on the specific tea.

The motif

Packaging prototype

There would be general information on the outside of the box about the essence of tea and their ethics, plus I think there would be information on the taste of the tea on the back of the packet (applied with a sticker.)

Photos to come soon!

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