Monday, 28 November 2011

Studio Space?

I thought I would let you guys take a peek at my 3rd year studio space... or should I say, my studio clutter. I manage to bring in roughly 4 tons of rubbish to uni every day, spread it all out, look a it, ponder on the nature of my artwork and if I will ever make it as an illustrator, go and get a muffin and a hot chocolate to console myself on the outcome of said pondering, pack it all up again and walk up a big hill or two back to the safety of home, where I spend my days cleaning to avoid working. 

But its not all negative... no no no.
At roughly midnight my brain and creativeness wakes up! But by that time my body is pretty tired. Still, 2-3 am most mornings I'm there laying in bed, my body trying to get some rest while my brain is whirring with ideas. All I can manage to do is scribble down some vague ideas and hope that my rational brain will be able to decipher them in the morning. 

And then repeat.

Sometimes I get work done, I swear.


  1. is that wallpaper at uni? perhaps i should have gone to falmouth!

  2. I'm afraid not! Its a local coffee shop... still, you really should have come to Falmouth!