Monday, 28 November 2011

Running, Hognose & Foodweb

Hey guys!
I made a drunken bet the other night to lose a stone before my friend does... and what better way to do that than signing up to a 10k run? My thoughts exactly.
So I'm currently looking for one to sign up to around March time, and I'll commence training asap! 
I'll also be asking you lot to sponsor me to raise money for the 'Illustrated Quotes & Sayings" Book that our course produces for its 3rd year graduates. 
Its a book that contains an illustration from each of us lovely 3rd year illustrators, and also all of our contact details just in case you really like our work and want us to do some for you!

So, please, if you would like to make a donation, see me flailing wildly trying to reach the finish line of a 10k run, or perhaps even buy a copy of the quotes and sayings book once it is done, drop me a line on

P.S- Illustrators from all 3 years, if you're game for doing a 10k run, let me know, I should be putting up a sign up sheet in the 2nd/3rd year studio by the door once I actually find a 10k event for us to run. It would really be a great help, and could be a good challenge for us all, and the more people participating, the more sponsors we can hopefully get.


Now here are some of the recent illustrations finalised for 'When the Tree Flew' by Gabrielle Jonas

Getting there eventually! 
4 or 5 more to go

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  1. You are brilliant! I especially love the illustration with the snake...soooo gooood!!!!!!!!!!!