Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New York and Dissertation

Today we were briefed a little bit on our trip to New York. I'm pretty stoked, but also very apprehensive... will I have a coherent portfolio to show? Will I have found my niche in the world of illustration?

Who knows.
Its too early to tell, and I really shouldn't worry about it...
but I do.

And thats no good to anyone!

Also, with dissertation on the cards, and repetitive strain injury in my drawing hand, I'm like a dog tied to a stake in the ground with a big juicy steak just out of reach. I'm surprised I haven't gnawed my hand off yet.

While we're on the subject of metaphors, creating a portfolio and getting everything together as well as dissertation, website and figuring out what I'm doing style/subject wise may well feel just about as awkward as an elephant climbing a near vertical mountain. 
Just think about that for a second.

Tasty huh?

So thats where I'm at right now, and thats why you guys haven't really been seeing much work from my end right now. I'm also looking into breeding/keeping praying mantises, and doing a study on them for my natural history section of the portfolio. 

I'm hoping that when I finish the book I'm working on I'll be much freer to explore what I want to, a looser style will be much appreciated I think.

So, I'm on hiatus for a little while due to the hand, but I'll be back! 

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