Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mantis, Book Illustration & Procrastination

As the dissertation first draft deadline looms, I'm surprisingly calm. This however, doesn't mean that I've done anything towards it, nor indeed will I be able to today. 
I don't really know what I'm doing, it just feels like a big wave about to wash over me, but I'll survive, I haven't died at sea quite yet.
I feel like everything has just been piling up around me in big stacks... there are projects left unfinished and because of my hand right now I'm having to fight the urge to try and tie up lots of loose ends. 
Today I did manage to put the final tweaks on a book illustration, so that is at least something. 
But I'm behind schedule because of my hand.
I need to get 2 illustrations done this weekend/next week so that I'm back on track, and ideally I need to have the next rough done for the image after that. I'm sure I'll be just fine, but thinking about it really spins my head sometimes.
I still need to finish off the tea project which had a big hiatus for quite some time. I haven't even managed to go for a cup of tea recently, I think thats partially because of me not having finished the project. Its not like they will actually be using my packaging, and its not like it really affects them at all if I don't get it done, but I want it finished, I want to hold it up, take photographs for the portfolio and be able to say I made this whole thing. 
Work that I have done...
before I injured my hand I did these... 2 for the book, and the mantis just for myself.

Below is a colour rough, just a small thumbnail. I do these before every painting so that I know what I'm doing colour wise. I also produce a tonal thumbnail before I do the colour thumbnails, so that I can balance out the darks and lights accordingly.

Before I even do any of that I do a rough pencil sketch.

Rough for the parakeet feather

 The final for Beulah reweaving her food web, colour adjustments to come

Getting there slowly,
Can't wait to get onto the next batch of fresh exciting projects though!
I can't wait until my hand gets better.


  1. Beautiful water colours, hope your hand is better soon!