Friday, 28 October 2011

Animation, Website & Monkey

first draft of animating monkeys for my website
click on the image to see the animation
aaand faster...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jury, Beavers & Lovely Artists

I want to say thank you to all the artists who have ever contacted me to compliment me on my work. All too often, when people like something, they don't speak up enough, or tell the artist in question. Me included. So I endeavor to tell any artist whose work I admire, that I do indeed admire it.
It brightens up someone's day no end... I hope that remains the same no matter how much of a big shot you are. 
Anyway, thanks to all the lovely people I've talked to in the past and recently. You've all been absolutely charming.

Anyway! Here are the latest illustrations for the book 'When the Tree Flew' by Gabrielle Jonas

This is the Jury deciding on what Beulah the tree's fate will be

I think my favorite is the one below.

and here's a scene where the Beavers are saving? Beulah from the saw mill.

so... more to come soon! I'll get some sketchbook pages in soon, and photos from recent events!

Tea Packaging, Oyster Festival & 3rd Year

Right! Time for many updates on the work I've been doing.
Yesterday I completed my first cut out design for a local tea company "The Essence of Tea".
I presented the idea to them today, and they really like it, so I'll be doing a few structural adjustments to the design, and then I can start to create the prototype next week!

Here's a sneak peek of the first cut out
(my first attempt at such a detailed cut out ever!)

The orange areas are the areas that will be cut out of the front of the packaging, and will show through to the insert that will be placed inside to denote which tea it is. 
We're thinking of colour coding it so that the colour matches the colour of the tea when brewed... we'll have a look at the possibilities! Anyway, still a fair amount of work to do on this, I'll update as I go along, but I don't want to give away too much!
I'm so excited to work on this project, and I can't thank David and Kathy enough for including me in this venture! 

So its back at uni and into the third year!
Nerve-wracking times but everything seems to be going smoothly at the moment.
I'm currently designing my website,
here's a quick preview of what it will look like.
I might be attempting a little bit of animation, so keep your eyes peeled! Or I might wait until its up and running for the big reveal!

So here is the main page that will appear when you first head to my website

and here's 2 of the galleries that you will be able to flick through when it all goes live!

exciting times, and there will definitely be a big update on the work I show there. 
Any feedback on things you think I could improve then please let me know!
I'm going to be looking into hand drawn type for most of the links, so I might create another mock up soon. 

Next up - When The Tree Flew 
More illustrations from the book,
Sketchbook work & Mad Men party photos!


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fantastic Man, Dave Macklovitch & Promises

I'm back at uni, into the third year, this is why there have been no blog posts recently! I've been too busy actually doing some work! 
I have 2 more illustrations from the book to show you, 
Some sketchbook pages, a website design and possibly some more extraneous things! 
But you'll have to wait m'dears! Because I'm far to tired to post about everything right now.

So, for being good and patient, 
here's Dave Macklovitch from Chromeo to tide you over.