Saturday, 3 September 2011

Froggy Visit, Weevil Visit & Benjamin, is it?

After completing an illustration (always good) I had my post-illustration celebration shower, and when I stepped out of the bathroom, who was waiting for me?
Bernie the common frog (Rana temporaria) sitting on the skirting board, next to Wallace the weevil.

Thanks for the visit little guys!
Its so nice to finally see the tadpoles from our pond grown up *sniff sniff* I'm such a proud mother.
The first frog I've seen down here in Fal, truly a great night.

This was a photo from nearly 2 years ago, on Dartmoor in the southwest of England, I went out frog catching with my godson Jamie. 

And this is Bernie! From tonight in my humble abode in Falmouth Town.

And this is Wallace, Bernie's would be lunch had I not been so callous and taken him away.

This is the work of Benjamin Wright
I'll be doing a feature on him soon, so keep your eyes peeled


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