Tuesday, 2 August 2011

When the Tree Flew, Working Working & Teashop

Ok! I finished another illustration for the book! 
"When The Tree Flew"
by Gabrielle Jonas

This is my third completed illustration for the book, only another 9 to go. I need to complete another one by tomorrow, so that's going to be interesting! 
I want to try and get ahead with these illustrations so that I can concentrate on my own projects, which I haven't had the chance to touch since uni finished for summer!
Plus I should really think about the big D. I don't even know what I'm going to write about for my dissertation. 

Anyway, here's the illustration, as per usual with several versions of it. 
They're all pretty similar. My favorite being  the second one. The third is low saturation and the 4th is high contrast.

So there we are. Another one by tomorrow I hope!
If not, I'd like to have the painting at least underway. I have tomorrow morning off, so I can work late into the night tonight, hurrah!
I'm so excited about the teashop! I'm going to have fun working with them, and the artwork should be super pretty and relaxing to do! Ahhhhh s'the life!


  1. I like the second one best too, but the low saturation is pretty pretty *-*

  2. I like the second one best as well, then the 4th. Nice work clever clogs :P